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What is the Right Time to Start Preparing for IIT JEE?

What is the Right Time to Start Preparing for IIT JEE?

Have you heard of a famous old saying? “Well Begun, Half done”! An athlete does not prepare in a year. His skills and ability do not come in a blink of an eye. He kick starts the preparation as early as possible to win the race. Such is the dedication required by an IIT aspirant. You can’t expect to grab all the skills and intelligence simply by studying for a few months before the exam.

The ideal time to start preparing for the IIT JEE exam is right after your 10th class. The reason being the ample amount of time left with you to prepare as there is no board exams pressure. Once you start early, the rest falls in the correct place.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of starting early preparation.

  1. Brings self-awareness and a clear insight into your career.
  2. Develops critical thinking for tough competition.
  3. Sharpens the analytical ability for a strong foundation which will bear productive results in the long run.
  4. Makes you more focused on your goals and dreams.
  5. Eases the subject complexity which would hinder the performance if the preparation is started at a later stage.
  6. Early preparation prepares you to excel in future Olympiads.
  7. The content of IIT JEE syllabus will help you do well in 11th class as well.
  8. Basic concepts become more clear and detailed.

It is clearly established that an early start gives you an edge over others. One must not strain because it will only drain your energy level and eventually hindering performance. Plan out carefully while keeping in view of your studies. Most students do well with their consistent efforts carried out with sheer dedication. Some students manage to crack IIT JEE exam without proper coaching. But, it is recommended that you enroll yourself for a proper IIT JEE main and advanced coaching in India. The best coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation teaches you the tips, tricks, and strategies to crack the exam easily. Combine your coaching preparation with thorough self-care for definite results. Everything can be achieved with hard work and consistency.