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VIT opens doors to students for admission

VIT opens doors to students for admission

VIT Doors to students for admission

Admissions to Vellore Institute of Technology for the academic year 2022 are now open. For students aspiring to pursue a career in engineering, now is a golden opportunity to join one of the best private engineering institutions in India. However, before you can opt for any of the engineering programs at VIT, you will have to qualify in VITEEE entrance exam, a common entrance exam for joining the university.


VIT was established almost four decades ago, in 1984, and has come a long way to become one of the most prestigious tech institutes in India. Currently, the university has campuses in four Indian cities: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Offering a plethora of engineering programs, this institute can help students build a strong career in most fields.


What courses does VIT offer?

One of the reasons behind the popularity of VIT among engineering students is the large variety of courses offered here. You could pick from the following VIT programmes:

  1. Bio engineering
  2. Bio technology
  3. Aerospace engineering
  4. Mechanical engineering with specialisation in Electrical vehicles
  5. Mechanical engineering with specialisation in automotive engineering
  6. Computer science engineering
  7. Mechanical engineering with specialisation in AI, Robotics
  8. Information technology
  9. Mechatronics and Automation
  10. Electronics and communication engineering
  11. Electrical and Electronics engineering
  12. Chemical engineering
  13. Fashion technology
  14. Civil engineering


Pursue CSE at Vellore Institute of Technology

The computer science engineering department at VIT Is particularly reputed. In fact, VIT is one of the finest places in India to pursue CSE, and has produced numerous brilliant and successful students. While opting for CSE at Vellore Institute of Technology, you could choose from a number of specializations, such as:

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber security
  • Data science
  • Robotics
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud computing
  • Bio informatics
  • Gaming

If you are looking forward to building a lustrous career in the field of computer science, this is indeed a great opportunity to venture into your dream specialization.

What are the perks and the downsides of studying at VIT?

Every institute has its advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before joining. While the perks give you reasons to join them, you should be wary of the downsides. After all, you wouldn’t want to appear for VITEEE, pass it, and join the institute only to end up regretting it. Here is what you should know before you prepare for VITEEE registration:


Advantages of studying at VIT

  • Infrastructure: VIT offers world-class infrastructure, which is particularly helpful for engineering students. The infrastructure here also aids in nurturing an extremely modern environment.
  • Cosmopolitan: The cosmopolitan campus at VIT helps to nurture students well, by exposing them to numerous cultures. This also prepares the students for higher studies and jobs abroad.
  • Placements: Studying at VIT would open up amazing career prospects. The institute offers lucrative placements with various reputed tech companies, besides getting the students job-ready.
  • Student-centricity: You may customize your courses to align them with your career goals. For instance, you may choose specialised courses for certain programs. If you wish to study or work abroad in the future, you could also pick a relevant language course.
  • Activities: Students at VIT would be able to take part in a wide range of extracurricular and extra cultural activities. This not only keeps the students engaged, but also aids in personality development.
  • Merit-based fees: If you secure a very good rank in VITEEE, you would be eligible for a seat in FEE category-I, which has a lower fee than many other reputed tech colleges. Hence, students with greater merit can study at VIT by paying relatively more affordable fees.


Disadvantages of studying at VIT

  • Strictness: Many students find the rules at VIT to be extremely strict. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and helps to keep the students well-disciplined, some might find it to be too stressful.
  • Potentially higher fees: While performing well in VITEEE can help you study at VIT at a lower cost, the competition is quite hard. In case you end up in a relatively lower rank, the VITEEE can get much more expensive than other engineering institutes.
  • Academic pressure: The syllabus at VIT is quite vast and students have to study much more than in other engineering colleges. Not every student is capable of enduring such academic pressure.

The advantages clearly outweigh the downsides, and studying at VIT would indeed be beneficial. However, keep in mind that the strictness of the rules and the academic pressure might make things a little stressful.

Who is eligible for admission in VIT?

To pursue one of the engineering programs at VIT, you must meet the following VITEEE eligibility criteria:

  • You would have to qualify in VITEEE.
  • Your aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and mathematics or biology in class XII examinations must be above 55%.

Do note that in case you had chosen PCB in your XI-XII curriculum, you wouldn’t be eligible for all the programs at VIT. You may then apply only for bio engineering, biochemistry and CSE with specialization in bio-informatics or health informatics.


Admission process for joining VIT

Here are the steps for VITEEE Admission 2022:

  • Online submission of VITEEE application.
  • Verification of the application and test slot booking link generation.
  • Generation of admit cards and the booking of exam centres and test slots by the candidates.
  • Appearing for the VITEEE.
  • Announcement of VITEEE results.
  • Receival of call letters inviting candidates to online counselling, depending on their rankings.
  • Receival of provision letter for admission to B. Tech programmes.
  • Verification of documents.


Things to know about VITEEE

Here is all you need to know about the VIT Entrance Exam:

  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Subject combination: BPCEA (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Aptitude) or MPCEA (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English and Aptitude)
  • Number of questions: 125. These include 40 for Biology or Mathematics, 40 for physics, 35 for chemistry, 10 for aptitude and 5 for English.
  • Syllabus: You may check out the detailed VITEEE entrance exam syllabus on the official website. However, to get a rough estimate, you may consider the BPCEA syllabus to be similar to that of NEET. The MCPEA syllabus is rather close to the JEE Mains syllabus.


Before you apply for VITEEE, make sure that the programmes offered at VIT include the course you are looking for. Check out the fees for the relevant courses as well, and discuss it with your parents to know if they are fine with you studying at VIT. Of course, you would also have to prepare for the exam as per the VITEE syllabus, covering all the topics.


If you do decide to apply for VITEEE, make sure to submit your application by 31st March. The exams would likely take place around the last week of April. In case you get selected, expect to be called for counselling in the second week of May.


Important dates:

Last date for receipt of application: 31st March 2022 (Tentatively)

VITEEE-2022 Exam dates: Last week of April 2022 (tentatively)

Counselling dates: Second week of May, 2022 (Tentatively)