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Chandigarh Routes

Ambala Cantt. & City, Dera Bassi & Chandigarh
Nangal, Anandpur Sahib, Kiratpur Sahib, Ropar, Kurali & Chandigarh
Kharar, Mohali & Chandigarh
Panchkula, Zirakpur & Chandigarh
Mohali and Chandigarh

Panchkula Routes

Parwanoo, Kalka, Pinjore & Panchkula
Baddi, Nalagarh, Pinjore & Panchkula
Narayangarh, Raipur Rani & Panchkula

Transport Terms & Conditions

Parents agree to clear with the Transport In-charge, the pick-up / drop off time as well as the designated pick up / drop off points of the children. This should be done at the beginning of each academic year. The buses have designated pick up and drop off points and the Institute cannot guarantee service to and from the students’ residence though it shall be provided wherever possible.

Parents shall ensure that the child remains available at the pick-up point well before the arrival time of the designated Institute bus. Due to traffic concerns, buses cannot wait beyond the designated pick up time. Missed calls are only to be expected if the bus reaches earlier than the given time, caregivers are not required to nor expected to provide missed calls otherwise.

Students are not allowed to eat, drink or chew gum in the bus.

Damage caused to the interior of the Institute bus will be charged to the student responsible.

Parents should not communicate directly with the bus drivers or caregivers of their child’s/children’s bus, with regards to any temporary or permanent change in the mode of transportation from Institute. Such requests are to be routed ONLY through our Transport In- charge or through the Institute reception, maximum by 10:30 A.M on the same day the change is to be in effect. Calls made after this time would strictly not be entertained for effect on the same day.

In the event of Parent(s) or the designated guardian not being available at the drop off point at the said time to collect the child / children, he/she/they will be brought back to Institute and it will be the responsibility of the parents to collect their child from the Institute.

Changes in address and telephone numbers should be communicated to the Institute immediately. However, the Institute is not obliged to re-route the bus to the new address if in the opinion of the Institute such a change will affect the timings of other children.

Pupils must be well behaved on the bus and must accept the authority of the driver and the and in case of repeated misbehavior may be deprived of the Institute bus facility at the discretion of the Institute management. caregiver. Children routinely misbehaving on the Institute buses will be strictly reprimanded

For quick and satisfactory resolution, all matters of emergency should be brought to the attention of the Reception or the Transport In-charge only.

In case of permanent or temporary discontinuation of the Institute transport facility, a letter of discontinuation has to be addressed to the Transport In-charge.

Under no circumstances are Parents allowed to ride in the Institute bus.

All bus students are provided bus cards at the beginning of the year and required to wear their cards at all times while travelling on the bus, during home time and in the morning at pick up time. In the absence of the bus pass the Institute can deny access to the transportation service.