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Foundation Wing

Top Foundation institute in Punjab Region – The Best You Can Get

Lakshya Institute is a prestigious academy where we nurture the future to face the competitive exams. In foundation wing, our institute introduce them with the concept based learning approach, which is required to crack competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE, NSO, IMO, PRE-RMO. Lakshya Institute also focus to provide them a strong foundation for JEE Adv. and NEET exams. There is a difference between the level, study required to crack these exams and in School study.

The Patiala trends in the competitive examination appear as a game changer. Our well-qualified faculty has all the tabs on the latest trends to craft a well-updated study material. The course is the backbone and while constructing it, we pay sheer attention to both the theoretical and practical concepts. In addition to this, Lakshya Institute believes in conducting interactive study sessions and doubt sessions to bridge the gap of communication. Each and every student gets personal attention because at Lakshya, we believe that every student has his own set of potential which only needs nourishment to succeed. Are you ready to board the plane of success taking you above the thermosphere?

Other Key Points

  • Complete School and Competitive Preparation as per Board.
  • Complete Coverage For NCERT and Text Books.
  • Focus on Mental Ability.
  • Subjective Test Based on School Pattern.
  • Objective Test Based on Competitive Exam.

Teachers and Pedagogy

  • Doctorates,IITians and graduates from best engineering colleges as teachers.
  • Interesting and interactive classroom environment.
  • Each and every concept and chapter is taught in great detail.
  • Covering detailed theory and focus on basic concepts.
  • Building the concepts from very basic to high level.
  • Focus on making the student do things and getting results from them.
  • Discussion of assignments and tests in classes.
  • Coverage of NCERT and Boards.
  • Individual attention on student’s performance.


  • LDA (Lakshya Daily Assignments) – Contains homework questions to be solved regularly with the lectures.
  • TATVA( Revision Booklet for each chapter)
  • Complete Theory and Solved Examples.
  • Basic Objective Exercise.
  • Previous Year Board Assignments.
  • Subjective Board Pattern Exercise.
  • NTSE Based Assignments.


  • 4 days a week classes.
  • 3 Classes per day.
  • 18 hours of teaching every week.
  • Extra classes apart from regular teaching to focus on weak students and discussions and extra doubt classes.


  • Subjective Tests for Board Preparation.
  • Objective Test for NTSE Preparation.
  • Chapter wise Tests, Cumulative Syllabus Test.
  • Regular Online Tests on Robo-Assess.
  • Support for NTSE and Olympiad Tests.

Result Analysis

  • Detailed Result analysis of each test.
  • Center Rank, Punjab Rank and All India Ranks.
  • Subject and Question Wise Analysis.
  • Detailed diagnostic report of each online test.