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Lakshya Talent Search Exam 2020

Grades 6th -11th


It’s a talent search exam for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th (MED & NON MED)

class students, which grills students on basics of mental ability and checks their conceptual clarity

as well as their command overcurrent subjects of 1st term syllabus.

Why Lakshya Talent Search Exam?

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Online Test

LTSE Syllabus

Class Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology MAT
6th Knowing Our Numbers, Whole Numbers,
Playing with Numbers, Basic Geometrical Ideas,
Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Data Handling,
Mensuration, Ratio and Proportion
Motion and Measurement of Distances,
Light, Shadows and Reflections, Electricity and Circuits, Water
Fibre to Fabric, Separation of Substances,
Changes Around Us, Air Around Us
Food. Where Does It Come From?
Components of Food, Body Movement
Verbal and Non Verbal
7th Integers, Fractions and Decimals,
Exponents, Algebraic Expressions, Exponents
Measurement and Units, Motion and Heat Fibre and Fabrics, Acid Bases and Salts,
Physical and Chemical Changes
Nutrition in Plants, Nutrition in Animals,
Respiration in Organisms, Transport of Materials
Verbal and Non Verbal
8th Real Numbers, Linear Equations in One Variables,
Quadrilaterals, Square and Square Roots,
Sound, Motion, Force and Friction Synthetic Fibres, Coal and Petroleum, Combustion
and Flame,
Crop Production, Microorganisms,
Conservation of Plants and Animals
Verbal and Non Verbal
9th Number Systems, Polynomials, Exponents,
Coordinate Geometry,
Linear Equations in Two Variables, Herons Formula,
Mensuration, Surface Area and Volume,
Lines and Angles, Triangles, Congurent Triangles
Motion, Force and Laws of Motion,
Vectors, Work, Power and Energy
Matter in our Surroundings,
Is Matter Around us Pure
Cell &Tissue Verbal and Non Verbal
10th Polynomials, Linear Equations in Two Variables ,
Real Numbers and Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Progression,
Trigonometric Ratios, Trignometric Identities
Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current,
Basics question from 9th class
Chemical Reaction and Equations, Acid,
base and Salt, Metal and Non -Metal
Life Processes, Reproduction in Plants Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning
11th Basic Mathematics, Sequences and Series,
PMI, Trigonometry, Complex Numbers,
Permutation and Combination
Kinematics, Vectors, Laws of Motion,
Friction, Work Power Energy, Circular Motion
Atomic Structure, Periodic Classification, Chemical Bonding Cell-Structure and Function, Cell Cycle,
Cell Division, Biomolecules,
Kingdom Fungi,
Living World,
Biological Classification, Animal Kingdom