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Hot water facility:Hot water facility for bathing is available only in winter time (Nov-March).
Geyser Timing: 6:00am — 10.00am 7.00pm-10:00pm
Washroom manners:Washroom manners must be maintained i.e. wiping, cleaning of seat, sink and floor after use for the next user of washroom. Lights, fans, exhaust fans should be switched off before leaving the washroom.
Maintain hygienic living condition in bed room:Tidy up the room including tidy up of bed is essential duty of student. This will ensure healthy & organized living condition within the room. Lights, Fans, AC,Cooler must be switched off before leaving the room.
Usage of appliances:Press man is available in the neighbourhood. Press and other appliances are not allowed due to security and safety reasons. A fine of Rs. 200 will be imposed on violation of this rule.
Self -protection:All students, specially room -mates, must be sensitive to any abnormal behavior of other students / mates and they must counsel the inflicted student. It must be brought to the notice of hostel manager on duty as soon as possible. Such instances must be immediately reported to the parents of students by the duty manager. Hostel management does not take any responsibility of such abnormal behavior & self-inflicted body harm by the students.
Addendum of subsequent new rules:Hostel management keeps the right of adding new rules & regulations in future, if needed.
Jurisdiction:Final decision on any matter will be of manager on duty and must be obeyed. Any unresolved dispute will be jurisdiction of the Chandigarh (U.T.) courts only.
Hostel Fee :Three month hostel fee will be deposited at the time of admission.
Security:Security equivalent to 1 month rent to be deposited in advance at the time of admission.
Mode of Payment :Cheque / DD/ Swipe. Rental cycle and Collection of Rent:Rental cycle is 1ˢᵗ to 30ᵗʰ/31ˢᵗ of the month.If any student want to vacate the hostel, student should serve one month notice in written.Pay Rent at 1ˢᵗ of every month. Delay of rent beyond 5ᵗʰ will attract
Fine of Rs. 100 per dayfrom 1ˢᵗ Day till the date of payment of rent.Security deposit will not be adjusted towards rent; it will only be refunded at the agreed time of leaving. Security is refunded by cheque/cash when student leaves the hostel.If student wants to extend her stay beyond agreed time, the current rate of desired room and seat will be applicable.
AC / Cooler Service:AC/Cooler charges will be compulsory for minimum 3 months, if connected. To connect / disconnect AC/Cooler of the room, consent of all roommates is required. AC/Cooler can be connected / disconnected any time of the month, however full month’s rate will be applicable per rent cycle (1ˢᵗ to 30ᵗʰ/31ˢᵗ).