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How to Stay Motivated for IIT JEE ?

How to Stay Motivated for IIT JEE ?

Each one us has at some point of time failed in some exam. Most of the students take one failure as a failure of whole life. This attitude harms more to future strategies. Human beings are sluggish by nature. We tend to believe in either procrastination or giving up due to lack of motivation. Today, we’ll talk about how to stay motivated for IIT JEE.

IIT-JEE examination is around the corner and aspirants are going the extra mile to dig the victory flags in the upcoming JEE Mains exam in April. Being one of the toughest exams, JEE pushes aspirants to pull out all the stops to cross the prestigious gate of one of the IITs. The sheer level of motivation is required to start off the preparation. Once you have decided to crack the exam, you will crack it for sure provided you have the zeal and motivation.

Let’s get started

1.Set your Goal
Before you start preparing for your dream career, ask yourself just one question. Why do you want to do that? Be honest with yourself and, you will get the right answer. Once you know the answer, you will start seeing the ways to achieve it. Note it down on a paper and paste it in your study room. This will keep reminding you about your aim.

2.Positive Surroundings
Be in a company of people who are a source of positivity. Happiness and positivity are infectious. A good company will keep your spirits up in the sky and, a bad one will take you down. Choose good surroundings to stay strong-willed and motivated.

3.How about rewarding yourself every day?
Yes, you heard it right. Make a goal chart and accomplish a goal every day. Reward yourself with little treats each day after you have achieved the goal. This will not only keep you motivated but will also make studies fun and interesting.

4. Learn from mistakes
“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to commit them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.
Other’s mistakes are your opportunities to learn from and win the battle. There are no failures, only lessons hidden in them. Keep a close watch at the mistakes of others because they have hidden opportunities for you to learn from them to keep an edge over others.

Summing up
Abide by these tips and, you will find yourself in a zone full of motivation. Your sincere efforts will lead you to the success you have been dreaming of for years. Refrain yourself from tapping into the collection of motivational videos. Those videos will only give you the motivation for a short period of time. Learn to stay motivated in the long run.