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How to Score well in Chemistry – JEE Mains 2019

How to Score well in Chemistry – JEE Mains 2019

JEE Mains 2019 is at the doorstep and aspirants are burning the midnight fuel to give their best shot in the exam. It’s 2019 and, the cutthroat competition is growing intense with every passing day. The toughest exam shows no mercy and leaves no room for any mistake. One mistake and you could be out of the game. In JEE, the most scoring subject is considered to be Chemistry.  I would like to refute a notion of scoring well in only two subjects would get you to success. All the subjects are necessary to score well in, and Chemistry is score-friendly. A good strategy and a well-structured study material will move you ahead in the race.

Let’s ponder over the major points on how to score well in Chemistry.

1) Early Preparation

JEE Mains is a battlefield and, you can win hands down if you prepare thoroughly. A stitch in time saves nine inspires you to do the early work to avoid problems later on. If you are lagging in a few topics in the subject, you have all the time to fix the problem. It will lead you to have enough time for preparation later on.

2) The 3 Important Parts of Chemistry

You can’t simply pick one part and get over with the whole subject. All the three important parts organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry are required to master. A stronghold is required on the subject as a whole if you want to score well and increase the chance of getting ahead in the JEE mains exam.

3) Numerical Problems

Do not ignore numerical problems as they can get you more score.  Solve more problems to boost up your confidence and chances to score more.

4) Practice. Revise. Repeat.

Practice till you get the knowledge right on your fingertips. It will shoot up your chances of performing with accuracy in the final exam.

The following topics carry a lot of marks so get them on tips.

  • p Block Elements
  • s block Elements
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • d and f Block elements
  • General Organic Chemistry
  • Haloalkanes
  • Isomerism of organic compound
  • Haloarenes and Phenol
  • p block elements
  • Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry (Mole Concept)
  • Alcohols and Ethers
  • Atomic Structure
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Electrochemistry


Bone up on the subject and the minute details it carries to witness the results pouring in. Many aspirants go for self-study which is fine but if you are unable to raise yourself up to the standards of JEE, then get yourself enrolled in IIT JEE coaching at Lakshya Institute Forum for Competitions.

We wish you Good Luck.