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Hi all…
I write all this as we sit back in our homes, safe, a bit distracted from our usual tasks, glued to TV, numb…unable to decide how should we react. Should we hate, but whom? Should we fight, but exactly whom? Should we at all care, its not us or ours who died, its not anyone of us who killed!

But if we come to think of it, something of us certainly has been compromised – our freedom.

Imagine having to think twice before going out, imagine being nervous about our near and dear ones when they are out. Imagine having the terrifying feeling of being watched and being aimed at every time we make a move. Imagine…ahh, we don’t have to exert our minds to imagine, not any more…these feelings are getting real!

It’s like getting out to work with thick black cloud cover which can burst into heavy shower anytime, hoping that it will not, at least, not when we are out, and even if it does, the drops somehow will not fall on us. Just that the drops in this case are live bullets!

But why these clouds, what Sun is it that is firing its heat resulting into its formation from droplets of youth, youth that had been pure earlier. This Sun is not natural, we humans have created it. It’s also not solid, exactly like the Sun of gases we all know.

It’s a Sun made up of thoughts, extremely powerful and intense thoughts of hatred… This Sun shines every where, everyday, and even if we don’t believe it…Yes, within us!

Every time we hate someone, something, anything…it shines! Every time we let things get out of our hands and blame someone else for our fate…it shines! Every time we fail to make it to the top because of our lack of hard work and want the one who has made it to the top to fall down…it shines!

We can’t be safe, nor can we shy away from the bullets raining till we first look within and extinguish the Sun… first within and then within others. Because how long can we run to escape, how long can we stay in hibernation, fearing to venture out… we can’t shoo the cloud away but will have to kill the source, the Sun of thoughts itself…

Guys, education in its truest of sense gives us power to keep this Sun of hatred and destruction within us under control. Not just learning Physics, Chemistry, History or any subject for that matter, it gives us the ability to judge what is right and what is wrong for us and for our mutual existence in this ever changing and evolving world.

It’s the stage when you students are evolving as a human being, getting to know the world and how you fit in. Physics or Mathematics are just tools for you to be able to see this world more objectively and quantitatively. But, there is much more to it, much more that you have to learn, in fact, we all have to learn.

Today, at the backdrop of terror that we all are witnessing, I want to use this online platform enabled by the technology that we humans have created to put forth the message of love and respect that we all should have for the mutual existence of us humans, irrespective of our physical, geographical, regional or belief centric differences. The message that howsoever learned or factually knowledgeable we might get, to put that knowledge to use without the values of love, compassion and respect for nature and our existence, it will always be destructive and lead to undesired consequences.

So come on guys, let us all work towards a better today and tomorrow for ourselves and for future generations to come, where we all can live and think freely… where our hearts are filled with love and respect for everything that nature has created.

A world of our dreams…


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