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Part 1 of the online form for 11th admission is now open and you can be ready for Part 2 by filling up the form so that you can fill Part 2 form when it opens.
Please visit the state board website to fill out the form for registering online for FYJC (11th standard) admissions: https://mumbai.11thadmission.org.in/Public/Home.aspx
Click on the “Student Registration” button to Register and create a user ID. Please remember your user ID and password and Keep them safe by sending email to parents’ IDs.
The Part one form filling option has been opened for convenience sake and will be open even after results are out, so don’t panic that you need to fill it before the results. Part 2 form will open after results and it is to choose college and streams.
ICSE and CBSE students will have to wait till results since their information is not with the state board. Once their results are in hand they can fill up the form.
Once the registration is done students can Login to enter more information.
The student registration form.
In the student registration form you have to first choose the Student’s area.
Mumbai students have to choose “Within MMR Region” or Mumbai Metropolitan Region if they live within MMR.
Students living outside Mumbai have to opt for “Outside MMR”.
Students from outside Maharashtra state can also apply by choosing “Outside Maharashtra State”.
Guidance centers list will be later released for students who do not understand how to fill the form. Most students in Mumbai and Maharashtra can approach their own school for help. Students living outside Maharashtra can take help of special guidance centers and get the doubts solved and get papers in order.
Fill “Application status” as Fresher if you have given exams this year. You can choose “Repeater” if you have failed earlier and given the exam again this year. If you have passed the exam earlier but for some reason could not continue or have taken another stream and want to change your stream, choose “Previously Passed”. You will have to provide a gap certificate when you apply to the college.
The choice of Board is easy and you can fill up whatever board you belong to. SSC if you are from Maharashtra board SSC class 10. As mentioned earlier ICSE, CBSE, IB, IGCSE, NIOS, and all other boards will have to wait till the results are announced.
When the SSC student fills up his seat number your information will automatically appear in the form. This is because all SSC students’ information has already been submitted to the state board. Double check your information and validate it.
Please make sure you enter a mobile number and email ID that you use regularly. Mobile number is important since all notifications will be sent to this mobile number.
“Security Question Details” are some pre-decided questions so that your identity can be verified if you forget your password. This will help to recover your password in case you forget. Choose a question that is convenient to remember and give the answer.
In the “Password” section use a password that is easy to remember. Do not share this password with anyone else.
Before registering you may be asked for a captcha i.e. a verification code that checks that you are not a robot but a human. Please check captcha and fill in the given space correctly. Once done please click Register.
When you register you will come to a page that will display your user ID and password and ask you to login. Take a screenshot (Print screen on PC) of this page and as suggested earlier, email your login ID and Password to your mom and dad so that you don’t forget.
Login with your details to fill the Part 1 of the registration form.
Part 1 of Registration form for 11th standard FYJC
You will reach a screen which informs you that your registration form is incomplete.
When you proceed to fill the form SSC students will find that many spaces have already been filled. Other board students will have to fill these sections manually.
Next you have to fill in your address and contact details including mobile number. You can fill up one more mobile number for convenience.
Reservation category
Next you fill up your category and reservation details. Here you fill your caste if you are OBC, SC, ST etc or Open category. If you choose a caste other than “Open” or “General” then you will have to provide a caste certificate. You will also be asked when and where the caste certificate has been issued.
You can also choose special reservation categories if you belong to categories like Handicap or disabled, Earth quake or project affected people, Transferred from area that was not online and now have been transferred to an area that has online process.
There are options to fill if your grandparents were freedom fighters or if parents are servicemen or ex-servicemen. Also if you are applying in the sports category or orphan category.
Please remember you should have valid documents for the above, else you may have to refill the form if you don’t have the documents.
Technical Reservation
There are schools that have bifocal courses earlier in 9th and 10th. Technical reservations are where you have already opted for HSVC or Bifocal courses in the school itself. You can opt for “Yes” so that you can get a reservation for your particular bifocal stream.
Minority Quota
In the Minority quota section you can opt for linguistic minority or religious minority. However, please remember if you are applying to such a minority quota college you must have a certificate. You can provide valid certificates for admissions to a college that provides reservation for such minorities even before online admissions.
In house quota
In house quota means that the Junior college and school is the same and you want admission in the same school. Usually you may not have to go through this process since the school will provide you automatic admission. Filling up the form may help the school to realise if you want to take admissions outside the school.
Uploading you mark sheet
Next you can fill in your marks and upload PDF format of your 10th standard mark sheet and school leaving certificate. This of course you can do only after your results are released.
You will get a soft copy file of the 10th mark sheet and for the school leaving certificate you can take a photograph of the certificate you get from the school.
The last part is the payment of the form. Once you make the payment you can lock the form. Before locking the form please check and verify your details. Once you lock the form you will not be able to change any details. When you have properly checked the filled form then you can lock the form.
All information will be displayed and you can take printout
Any grievance regarding form filling can also be sent through the form
Role of guidance center
You can approach the guidance center to correct any mistake while filling the form. The guidance center has a unique ID and password and they can access, change and reset the form.
Form Part 2 will open after results.
Please keep at least 10 (True copy) attested copies of Mark sheets and school leaving certificate since you will have to submit originals in the college.

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