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Hello everyone…

It’s an attempt to answer this common query of what should be the ideal time to study!!

Well, one thing is for sure that we just can not have a generalized study approach for everyone to follow. Individuals have their own unique learning patterns and body clocks which every individual should respect.

You are at a stage where you can mold yourself (body and mind) to follow a certain study pattern to some extent…Human body, in general, follows Darwin’s Laws (in a way) and finds a best fit or adapts itself to the situation it is exposed to over a prolonged period of time. It is important to note here that the situation might also be detrimental to the growth or health of the body, still it gets used to it. Common examples of the situation being addiction to alcohol and nicotine.

Moral of the discussion thus far – you are at a stage where you can get your body to follow any pattern, your body will get used to it over a time. But better will be to follow something to which your body responds naturally.

Now the pluses and minuses of both the study patterns:

Studying early in the morning:
  • It is extremely peaceful, the feeling of starting the day early is a very positive feeling
  • You get to witness the magic that nature weaves as Sun makes it way up the horizon, it’s so refreshing (I wonder when I saw it last!!??)
  • If you get your momentum going, you actually finish up a lot in the early hours with the whole day to spare and utilize properly
  • Undoubtedly good for the body, mind and soul (aisa sabhi bade log bol gaye hain!!)

  • Dekho, uth jao subah time se to sab changa hai, aur nahi uth pae to bhai, this is the biggest negative. We tend to plan whole of our next day, hypothyzing that we will get up at say 3am…Alarm bhi bajega, aankh bhi khulegi, but beimaan hum, uthenge nahi…and then, we will get up devastated, with all our plans shattered on the floor. Then, we think, leave it, let’s re-plan and see it from tomm….and ‘Tommorow never comes’
  • We waste a lot of time in getting into the flow in the morning…getting up chores, getting mind activated time…the temptation of ‘Razai’…and what not!!
  • Breakfast and early morning family chaos (parents leaving home for work and stuff) is bound to disturb us
Studying late in the night:

  • Absolutely no disturbance time, you are done with dinner…no other work except studies till you sleep (unlike mornings chores)
  • The feeling that you are working when the rest of the world is sleeping is amazing, it propels and tempts you to utilize the time to the maximum

  • Well, not many!! But it’s not the natural behavior that human body follows so in a way not absolutely right for the body…(Well, I am no expert on this!!)
  • Even though you had been up for the whole night, your Mom will anyways force you out of your bed, simply not ready to believe that you were studying for the whole night!! (iska koi ilaaj nahi hai, woh to hoga hi)

So, all of you who are in this dilemma of what should your study pattern be…try out different scenarios and discover what suits you the best!

Anyways, wish you all the very best for your school/competitive examinations…be it early or late in the night…Do burn the oil and work hard smile

Raat ka Naara – JAME RAHO!!

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