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Director’s Pen

Saahil Harjai

Co-Founder, Director

Dear Parents, Students And Friends,


A decade of journey in the field of competitive learning and education has evolved us into an institution of region-wide renown. Here we believe that every student has innate potential and talent to make it big despite the ever increasing standards el excellence in fiercely competitive scenario. For this Everest-like achievement, the students need not be mentored right—this includes not only quality teaching but also moral, emotional and psychological impetus. I take utmost delight in sharing that we cover all aspects of human personality to nurture the brilliance fit for performance in the globalized 21st century.

We are privileged to have top ranks not only in North Zone but entire country in both Engineering and Medical exams. Not just this, we have time and again produced highest selections in NTSE, KYPY and Olympiads in the region. And we have maintain amazing selection ratio of 1 out of 4 IITians and similarly the ratio stands at I doctor out of 2 students in MBBS (medical entrance examination). As a homegrown institution we understand the requirements of grooming local talent that invariably captures top ranks in the country.

However, we do believe that there is limit to human endurance in performance. We need to build ecosystems where technology has a seamless interface with human intelligence. Our experience says that results could be geometrically progressive with these efforts. Our rugged study regime, course materials and guidance have the capability of pushing the mediocre talent to the limit and make it excel.

With this purpose we have come up with Robomate+; a technology enabled system which connects our teachers, students and parents. It helps the students to organize the studies so that they can perform to their best.

With our constant efforts, we have endeared ourselves to a vast body of student community. Students have put their trust in us year after year and we have developed symbiotic relations with each one of them. We are proud of their accomplishments.