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About Lakshya

Lakshya Institute was founded for a noble cause—a purpose to change the way education is perceived and delivered. It started as a small organization a few years ago with a purpose of glamorizing the teaching profession and attracting the most talented teachers towards education. Over the years, many professionals, who have left their stereotypical corporate jobs to search for a purpose in life, have joined Lakshya.

All teachers at Lakshya proudly say, “We are Teachers by choice!” The word teacher describes every team member of Lakshya, be they from the Teaching Team or the Non-Teaching Team, as they facilitate the right kind of education to the students together. As an organization, Lakshya has a simple HR philosophy, “Team first!!!,” because only if the team is happy and content would it be able to enjoy work and guide students towards success.

Lakshya has developed a very strong work ethic over a period of time. They aim for perfection in all undertaken tasks and have developed a culture that facilitates this.
Growth Model
Growth Model
Lakshya follows a Business Partnership Model and is against a franchisee model for expansion.

Lakshya believes that if teachers can be empowered and eventually made partners in the business it will satisfy their entrepreneurial instincts and breed loyalty in the system, hence making it stable while expanding. Such an approach will also be instrumental in attracting good talent into this sector, and by grooming the existing team to become leaders Lakshya ensures that this philosophy is carried to every centre.

Today Lakshya operates in many areas of India including Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

Lakshya is a journey that started over a decade ago with a dream. It has now grown bigger and stronger as team and family.

Lakshya has successfully inspired youngsters to lead a meaningful life, be it at IIT or elsewhere and carve out a wonderful career and personal life for their future by placing emphasis on culture and ethics. At Lakshya, the staff and faculty attempt to create a highly competitive environment that is conducive to an individual’s growth.

Lakshya offers a brand new arena for motivated people to work and enjoy life while bringing about positive change in society. Lakshya signifies a philosophy and culture that are unique and spellbinding.

Message from our Chief Business Officer

Balasubramaniam Durgavarjhula - CBO
Balasubramaniam Durgavarjhula - CBO

Chief Business Officer

Dear Parents, Students And Friends,


Welcome to the Lakshya family where we believe that every student has an innate potential and talent to make it big despite the ever increasing standards of excellence. Our journey in the field of competitive exams has helped us evolve into an institution of nationwide renown. Our methodology has helped students realize humongous goals in a fiercely competitive scenario.

We believe that students need mentoring and not just quality teaching. They need moral, emotional and psychological impetus. I take utmost delight in sharing with you the fact that at Lakshya, we cover all aspects of human personality to nurture the brilliance fit for performance in a globalized 21st century.

We are privileged to secure top ranks with a student footprint across the nation in both Engineering and Medical exams. Not just this, we have time and again produced the highest selections in NTSE, KVPY and Olympiads. We have maintained an amazing selection ratio at IIT, that 1 out of 4 Lakshya-ite is an IITian. In our NEET preparation course, we have gone a step ahead and have achieved a ratio of 1 student in MBBS out of every 2 students at Lakshya. As a homegrown institution we understand the requirements of grooming local talent that invariably captures top ranks in the country.

However, we do believe that we need to build ecosystems where technology has a seamless interface with human intelligence. Our experience says that results could be geometrically progressive with these efforts. Our team of top faculties, a rugged study regime, course materials and guidance have the capability of uplifting a mediocre talent to the limit and make it excel.

To give our students the advantage of technology we have come up with R+; a mobile based platform for you. This app connects our teachers, students and parents. It helps the students to organize their studies so that they can perform their best.

You can be rest assured that your child will grow to his/her complete potential as part of the Lakshya family. Our constant efforts have endeared us to the vast body of the student community. Students have put their trust in us year after year and we have developed symbiotic relations with each one of them. We are proud of our students’ accomplishments.