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Experts Speak

Experts talk about the various options available in Science- IIT, Engineering, and Medical Training. Detailed explanations are given about your choices and why you should choose a particular stream. Focus on how students can achieve this intimidating goal easily.


Toppers speak about their experiences and share their study secrets with the students attending the seminar. Interaction with the toppers allows your children to be more confident about the pathway they want to take towards success.

Personal Counseling

You can meet expert knowledge consultants for a one-on-one personal counseling session and clarify any doubts you have regarding choosing a career path for your child. Your child too can be clear about his/her choices before he embarks on the journey to success.

Toppers speak

mahesh tutorial
  • I had never imagined getting AIR 1 in AIIMS, but with the unwavering support of Lakshya Teachers it became achievable. The teachers at Lakshya institute believed in me and gave me the attention I needed. They cleared my concepts, gave me a study plan and solved my doubts patiently. We had regular revision sessions which increased my speed in attempting questions. Group discussions were very helpful in removing doubts and looking at problem solving from an entirely different perspective and at the same time it was very motivating. I am very thankful to my parents for their support and my teachers at Lakshya Institute who gave me the right guidance and an environment which motivated me to achieve AIR 1.


    AIR 1, AIIMS 2018

  • I owe my success to my parents, teachers and the entire Lakshya team. My experience at Lakshya was simply awesome. It was at Lakshya that I understood that motivation is about believing in yourself and enjoying what you do. I had a plan to achieve high scores. Lakshya professors divided my goal of achieving success at the IIT JEE into smaller milestones. The teachers at Lakshya weren't just teachers they were our mentors and friends. And mentors get the best out of you. They used to push us to extremes and according to them the way to progress would be when we stepped out of our comfort zones. They knew the weaknesses of all the students and suggested corrective measures for each student individually. We were encouraged to clarify doubts and our teachers patiently answered doubts even 10 to 20 times. Sometimes we started lectures at 5.30 in the morning and we used to be sitting in the classes till 12 in the night. But even then we never felt stressed.Lakshya makes the journey of JEE preparation so easy we never felt like we were studying so hard. It was simply like breathing for us because Lakshya was always there.

    Sarvesh Mehtani

    AIR 1, IIT JEE 2017

  • My name is Arushi and have Achieved AIR 10 in AIIMS Entrance and AIR 5 in NEET. The credit for my success goes to my parents, for their unwavering support , my teacher and the 24 x 7 support from Lakshya , who guided me through there challenging years. The teacher, as always were ready to take doubts at any time of the day or night (literally).The class discussions garnered new ideas and were thoroughly enjoyable. It built lateral thinking, quite important for exams like KVPY and Olympiads. The fortnightly tests helped me to revise my concepts and provide an ideal platform to assess my performance. The study material also provide to be extremely useful, especially for Biology.Wishing all medical aspirants good luck.

    Arushi Jaspal

    AIR 5 NEET

  • Right from the first day, I felt comfortable with my studies and enjoyed learning. The way of guidance was so smooth that it was free of stress. I thank my teachers for their support and guidance for preparation for KVPY, Olympiads and PMTs. Lakshya's hand on approach made me feel comfortable studying hard because I knew any hurdles would be taken care of by them. The teachers cleared all doubts in various subjects and helped me understand concepts clearly. They understood my weaknesses and guided me accordingly to get the most marks.

    Oshin Bhatia


Glimpses of the Seminar

Parents Response to the Seminar

mahesh tutorial
  • Swati Mehra

    It was a very good and enthralling experience. We loved talking to the specialists and learning the benefits. Overall it was an interesting experience which left us feeling confident and ambitious.

  • Sayar D'Souza

    Thank you for the session at an early stage. It was really an eyeopener. We are satisfied that we have handed over our kid to excellent hands and because of Lakshya our kid will definitely get a good successful future.

  • Malav Shah

    Watching professionals give an insight of medical fields motivated me and I gathered lots of information about the respective fields. The feel which I experienced sitting here was wonderful. I feel honouured to be part of this eminar and I am extremely thankful to Lakshya for arranging it

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